#229 - Poo Thousand 16 feat. Mark Vincent

July 11, 2016
Good friend and guest Mr. Mark Vincent joins us this week.  We discuss Race and race.  We discuss politics, sort of.  An adult film conversation with heaps of silliness.  Poop transplants.  Mark regales us with a sexy personal story that is of a graphic and funny nature.  Arby's.  Butt stuff and the flea market.  Briiiiine has some romantic entanglements.  Macy's gift cards for hookers.  We talk Golden Girls, as 4 men will tend to do.  Vacationing.  Politics, but who cares.  A debate erupts whether DiCaprio will win the Oscar for The Revenant.  We talk movies.  Mark's dad is scary.   

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Recorded - 1/12/16

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